Wednesday, November 16, 2011


There is a place we often visit, a place we hate going to, a place that is haunting, a place where our fears and truths live.  It's across from Regret Island, and it's called Should've Land.

All too often, we let things marinate, leaving things we know we should do, undone...unsaid.  We justify and use this place as a protective mechanism against things that are uncomfortable, but necessary.  We shag off responsibility to these things and ourselves in doing so. 

I am guilty of visiting this place myself and luckily, I am given signs that allow me to wake up and recognize it.  We always get signs, but they are often ignored because it means reality is breaking through the outer layer of self-justification.  We are not doing ourselves any favors by being in this state, by relaxing in a comfortable plush couch within Should've Land.

Sometimes we remain stagnant at Should've Land because we don't see the right way to proceed and we freeze in fear of doing the wrong thing, calling it 'Caution' but how long do we sit here and fester?  Don't be afraid to ask for help or guidance from someone you trust.

WAKE UP!  TAKE ACTION!  You just might find that your shoulders are lighter if you do the things you've been putting off, or say the things you feel.  After all, if you wait too might find yourself in Too-late-ville.

Take my hand, let's leave this place and run free among the beautiful blossoms of life, tackling anything that stands in our way, breaking through any obstacle that tells us we can't and win every day, a victory in every aspect of our lives!



  1. This is exactly why I am moving away from my family. It's what's driving me and why I'm putting myself threw the stress. If I don't do this I don't want to be saying to myself later I Should've done it... or what if?

    Everyone should take a chance if it isn't a permanent decision because if they don't there going to be wondering. I think taking the chance is better then not knowing.

  2. Yes. Have faith in life, it's much the best way.