Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Helping Others is Rewarding!

First, I must thank my lovely boyfriend (W) who inspires me to go out of my way to help strangers (when safe, of course).  When he visited me this last time, something he did struck me as very noble.  He saw a man pushing a car, so we pulled over and he hopped out to assist with the pushing.  He made sure the man was OK and then returned to the car.  This is just one of the many things I love about him!  Yes, everyone SHOULD stop and help others in need, but not everyone does.  Not even I do this enough, but His example allowed me to think about it and today, I was able to put it into action!

Secondly, with the power of Nam MyHo RenGe Kyo and my faith in it, I was able to put my practice to the test as well, which is always AWESOME being able to see actual proof!

Here's the short story:

I was out walking my dogs, as I normally do around 7am each morning, when I heard a voice calling out, "LUCY!!!  LUCY!!! LUCY!!!"  I could hear the stress in this woman's voice and the yelling got closer and closer, so I waited until I could see her.  When I did see her, I walked towards her with my dogs and asked what kind of dog she was looking for.  She said a Jack_Russel terrier mix with a purple collar that was attached to a retractable leash.  She went further to explain that she dropped something and it spooked Lucy, who ran off away from her owner.  The woman (Julie) told me she had been looking for 10 minutes, was in a panic, not only because this was her baby, but that she could not be late for work or they would fire her.

I told her to remain calm and positive, thinking she would definitely find Lucy and that Lucy was probably enjoying hr journey somewhere here in the complex.  She was so upset, so I told her that she should walk the path she normally does for her walks and also check her apartment door...she agreed and started heading that way.

Now, normally, I would continue on my own path, knowing I had work approaching as well, but decide to start chanting and concentrating on finding this dog for her worried owner...

Instead of going back to my apartment, I walked around a little, and low and behold, there was Lucy...contained with the pool area, her leash stuck in between a bar of the gate, so I locked it in place and went in search for Julie.  I eventually heard Julie yelling for Lucy, so I yelled, "I FOUND HER!!!"  Julie came running and was just so relieved and thanked me for helping her.  She hugged me and asked me my name.  I told her my name and said, "See, I knew we'd find I hope you have a wonderful, could turn out to be the best day of your life, you never know!"  She smiled and walked away with her precious Lucy.

This makes me feel so good, that I could put myself in a strangers shoes for a moment in time and think about their situation with confidence that I can make a difference...then I do!

RAWR, I say with vigor, RAWR!!!

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