Sunday, May 27, 2012

Winter never fails to turn into Spring

Spring has a deep meaning for me personally.  It not only means that Winter has ended, as guaranteed each year, but it is a symbol that life is ever changing, along with our circumstances.  Winter represents the problems we face...the situations we want to change...the life which some wish to escape due to it being so unbearable.  The mere fact that Winter never fails to turn into Spring is comforting, for it means that no matter how difficult our present is, it will eventually change, just as Winter never fails to turn into Spring.  This thinking has been with me my whole life and allows me to fight through any obstacles, ever emerging the victor in my life.  It gives me eternal hope for the future.  It fills each day with the possibility that it could be the day that turns my dreams into reality.  The possibility that this could be one of the best days ever had, if we just don't prejudge it.
For those going through hard times right now, please know that Winter never fails to turn into Spring...keep hope alive that the Sun will shine again for you...your flower will bloom, your wings will spread...and you will soar.

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