Tuesday, May 15, 2012

How We Met

Our relationship began with the click of a button on January 27th, 2011.  I posted a picture of a hot young blond with a funky haircut on my Facebook and asked my Facebook friends what they thought of it for me?  I noticed that someone I did not know clicked the “like” button, so I went to his page to see who he was.  At first glance of his (W’s) picture, I found him wildly attractive.  I was separated from my husband at the time and was headed for divorce and felt feisty, so I decided to send W a message that basically said, “By the way, you clicked “like” on a picture of a hot young blond and I was only trying to illustrate the hairstyle – that is not me…I could be her mother!”  He replied rather promptly with, “Oh I know, but I took a look at your photos and find you very attractive too.”  I felt flush.  I was not looking for a relationship, but I was intrigued.  I looked to see which friends we had in common that allowed him to see my Facebook post in the first place, and it was this cute Canadian couple I play World of Warcraft with.  K and R.  W and I sent message back and forth for hours – it was thrilling to have an adult stimulating conversation.  In the morning, I messaged K to tell her I was communicating with her friend W, but she interrupted me and said, “Yeah I know…W already contact me and asked about you.”  Wow!, I thought.  I thought about the conversation I had with W the next day and wondered if there would be more conversations.  Sure enough, the conversations continued.  The first three days were messages, then we became Facebook friends and started to IM (Instant Message), then we talked on Ventrilo (A voice system that allows people to talk to each other without the charge of long distance).  Then, we decided to Skype (Also a cost-free method of communicating).  The moment we saw each other, we were instantly attracted and did not fail to mention it.  A few days later, we celebrated his birthday (over Skype).  We skyped nearly every night, and as the days passed, they turned into weeks of hours upon hours of skyping, where we’d talk about our jobs, his children, my Buddhist practice and world events.  February 14th came, and flowers did too (for Valentine’s Day).  I blushed at work when everyone wanted to know who they were from.  On February 27th, flowers came to my office for our 1 month anniversary.  W has always been so sweet and romantic with me and I knew I was starting to fall for him.  My divorce was in motion and I was looking for a place to live with my two dogs, when W announced he wanted to visit me in person.  I was anxious and nervous because I was falling for him so hard and we had not even kissed, let alone get physically intimate.  March went by so fast and 1 week prior to W’s visit, I found an apartment and moved in.  We skyped every day until  the day came for his arrival.  I went to the airport and paced back and forth until finally I saw him coming down the escalator.  Our eyes met and we both smiled, as he dropped his bags and ran swiftly over to me, cupped my face in his hands and looked deeply into my eyes and said, “Skype does not do you justice kitten (He calls me kitten by the way), then he kissed me like no one else existed in the airport.  I melted and felt so aroused and could not wait to be alone with him.  Our first night together was magical and because I am a lady, I will not elaborate, but I will say that we were compatible in every way.  At the airport, W and I declared our love for each other and it was a tough goodbye.  Four months passed of nightly skyping, which was the longest four months of my life.  July was here and W came to visit me again.  We had the time of our lives, taking in a show (Zumanity), dinners, morning walks and spent a lot of romantic time together.  We also had a commitment ceremony, where he gave me an eternity necklace to represent our love and commitment to each other for all eternity.  This necklace has not been removed, but for a few times when I had an MRI or medical scan that required no metal on my person and plan to wear it the rest of my life.  After W returned to Canada, we again skyped nearly every night for hours – we never seem to run out of things to say and sometimes we would have Skype dinners (we both cook the same thing with the camera facing the kitchen, then we sit down in front of the computer and with candles lit and wine in hand, we eat…sometimes his children would join us and other times, it was just us two – so romantic!  September came, and off to Canada for the first time, I went.  I had the best time with him and his children and it was so hard to leave him after my visit, but I returned home and we continued our skyping.  November came and he flew down to me, we (including my mother) drove to Arizona for Thanksgiving with my best friend Kelly – it was amazing, but short, as W had to return to Canada.  December came quick though, and off to Canada I went for Christmas and New Years – it was glorious and I did not want to leave, but I knew I had to.  In January 2012, we discussed our future and marriage and learned that we both wanted to spend the rest of our lives together, so we started to make plans to be together.  Four long months passed with our skyping nearly every night, until W finally came to visit me again.  We finalized our plans for me to join him in Canada, get married and live happily together for the rest of our lives.  I leave for Canada on June 8th and cannot wait for our journey together to begin!

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