Tuesday, May 15, 2012

What is Freedom?

The following statement is my opinion.  It is how my mind works as the result of being raised a Buddhist in America.  From time to time, thoughts enter my mind and I feel compelled to document them, so I can make room for more thoughts (lol).  This is what poured out of me this morning...

Have you lived a life free of bad words, thoughts and/or actions? Of course not, as we are human beings and are just as capable of being bad as we are capable of being good. Have we always created value in our lives and the lives of others around us?  We are a direct reflection of our environment, and as human beings, we react to the environment at the same time. Therefore, the saying of, "The things others say, think or do is their karma, and the way we react is our karma" is a correct and very difficult way to live ones life, but it is how the Bodhisattva's of the Earth choose to live.
So, when bad things happen to us, it can be argued that it is the result of karma catching up to us. The interesting part of that is, when one is faced with karma, it can present itself in good and bad ways. Sometimes, we wonder what we did to deserve a good or bad thing happening to us or someone close to us, or even to people or a country far removed from our immediate environment. When these things occur, I see it as an opportunity to challenge ourselves and break through the karma. In other words, we are given the chance to add or remove a link from our karma chain. These chains are strong though, so it takes great strength and courage to tackle them and win.

Buddhism is win or lose.

For example, if you are a student with an assignment to share a speech or an essay you wrote in public, but hate to speak in front of people, just by overcoming this fear and doing it, you've won. The end result of whether it went well or not does not determine the winning or losing, it is that you broke through the walls of self doubt and fear and without knowing it. you've grown. Taking it a step further, your speech has now affected others, positively or negatively and might even have assisted in a path-altering event for some. This is why it is very important to be aware of our Words, Thoughts and Actions, as they do not only produce an effect on our lives, but can have a profound effect on the lives of those in our environment.

Now then, let's talk about the word, "Choose" or "Choice."  When we choose our Words, Thoughts and Actions, it should be known that there will be effects attached to them. To live with the knowledge that you are responsible for creating your karma chain, to then suffer what there is to suffer, and enjoy what there is to enjoy [as a result], regarding both as a part of life, this is what I refer to as Freedom.

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  1. I believe the Buddha is said to have said: "Events happen; deeds are done; but there is no (individual) doer thereof."

    This appeals to me very much. What do you say about it kitten?