Tuesday, May 15, 2012

State of Mind

It is incredible how the mind can control us: our bodies, our moods, our perception...
You've heard that age is a state of about the week day?
Today is Friday...are you feeling relieved that the week is over and the weekend is on the horizon?  Excitement filling your chest as a ready-to-party mood takes hold of you?  I love the Friday feeling, not to mention the Saturday night feeling *grins*
Some may think I am a freak of nature with my beliefs, but they work for me.  For the longest time, I wake up every day (including Mondays - lol) and tell my brain: It's Friday!  And when the Sun goes down, I tell my brain: It's Saturday night!
How awesome would it be to feel like every day is Friday and every night is Saturday night?  For me, it can be for you too - state of mind peeps, state of mind!

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