Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Lessons Learned: The Key

Lessons and tests of character can be learned (or failed for lack of a better word) in every day settings by anyone, when you least expect it.

For example:

The other day, my Mother and I spent the day together.  We shopped and ate and the day was getting long and we were getting tired and ready to go our separate ways for the day, but for one last task we had to complete: the making of a key.

After shopping and waiting in line at Wal-Mart for other things, I asked the clerk where I could get a key made, to which she replied, "Down at the far corner of the store in the Automotive section.  I asked if I could leave my cart of already purchased goods there while my Mother (who was in an electric driving cart to save her from all the walking) and I started for the far corner of the store and finally reached it.

"May I help you?" said the clerk behind the counter.  This was a friendly looking gentleman who possessed a warm smile.  "I would like to have a copy of a key made please, I said."  He replied, "Oh, we don't do that here anymore."  My anger grew inside when I said, "But I was sent here by the cashier up front, as well as 2 other associates I passed along the way to your section."  He asked me if I knew their names, which made the feeling inside grow deeper: "No, I did not get their names." I sighed pretty loudly when the man said, "Well, I guess I better make a copy of that key for you after all then."  He smiled, proudly revealing that he was joking around with me.  This was the point where I decided how to handle myself.  I could get angry with him for frustrating me or I could smile and get through this last task.

I simply said, "It's been a long day and am not much in the mood for jokes Sir."  He finished the key, I thanked him, and off I and my Mother went.

Even the smallest of challenges of how we react to things is important...important enough to make me think about it and write this note *wink*

Lesson learned...I may not have handled it the way I would have preferred, but the next time something similar occurs, I will reflect for a moment and respond differently!

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